Meet Eleanor

About Eleanor

Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary woman. She emerged from an unhappy childhood—overcoming personal and family problems—to become one of the greatest global leaders of the 20th century. Her impact on this world spanned far beyond her drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, First Lady to FDR, and champion of civil, social, and economic rights; she was compassionate, she was kind, and she truly loved all people. It was these qualities of gentle leadership that emanated their effects across national and international society. 

This life always seems to me to be a continuing process of education and development. What we are preparing for, none of us can be sure. But, that we must do our best while we are here and develop all our capacities is absolutely certain. We face whatever we have to face in this life. And if we do it bravely and sincerely, we’re probably accomplishing that growth which we were put here to accomplish. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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