Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Awards      

The Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Awards recognize and honor individuals who make a significant contribution to society in the arts, education, citizenship, philanthropy, community services, and other humanitarian concerns that reflect Mrs. Roosevelt’s ideals. The Ceremony is our way of honoring those who live their lives in the spirit of Mrs. Roosevelt and serve as role models for the larger community, setting a standard for community values.

The Medal Ceremony is an opportunity and a teachable moment to bring to life what Mrs. Roosevelt accomplished through the actions and deeds of all of our outstanding Medalists.

Proceeds from the Medal Awards Ceremony help sustain the work of the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill in furthering Mrs. Roosevelt’s legacy. 

2014 Val-Kill Medalists

Leymah Gbowee

Diana Nyad

Geraldine Laybourne

Ambassador William vanden Heuvel

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Jim McGuirk/Astor Services for Children & Families

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interview of 2014 Medalists
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Medalists 1987 - 2013

2013 Medal Awards

2012 Medal Awards

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2008 Medal Awards

Our heartfelt thanks to our 2013 Patrons and Supporters

First Lady of the World
Franklin A. Thomas and Kate R. Whitney

Kathleen Hammer and Arthur Seelbinder
Vassar College

Michael Dupree and Michael Fleischer
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
J.M. Kaplan Fund (Joan K. Davidson)
Marist College
National Park Service
Saint Michaels College and Pomerleau Real Estate
Marc A. and Dana Lim vanderHeyden

Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation
HVFCU Financial Services
Toyanna Mayo
Mary Louise Van Winkle
Mary Jane and Ronald W. Von Allmen

Kip Bleakley O’Neill
Diane Eynon
Bernard and Shirley Handel
Colette Lafuente
Emily O’Neill
Patrick Robins and Lisa Schamberg
William J. vanden Heuvel
Mary Waterman and Bill Lunt

Community Advocate
Austin and Williams
Phebe and George Banta
Anne Constantinople
Denise and John Dunne
Reginetta Haboucha
Anne Hess and Craig Kaplan
Thad and Mildred Jones
David and Judith Lewittes
Mary L. and Kennon Moody
Joan Lardner Paul
Lorraine Marie Roberts
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Joan Sherman
Elaine Sproat
Julia and Nigel Widdowson

Isabel Quinones, Leah Silver, Rachael Quimby, Gloria Steinem, Mary Madden, Arielle King

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