Girls Leadership Worldwide      

Girls' Leadership Worldwide Program is THE place to be for Girls Who Want to...

EXPLORE their hope and dreams

FIND their voice and learn how to use it

CONNECT with other like-minded girls in a supportive, judgment free zone

BUILD self confidence and develop a positive self image

PARTICIPATE in a program that enables them to address issues and concerns important to them

LEARN skills to help reach their personal goals and realize their dreams

DEVELOP strong relationships with girls and women from around the world

Girls' Leadership Worldwide Empowers Girls to be Principled and Socially Conscious Global Leaders

Each summer, GLW holds two exciting and transformational nine-day programs for high school girls who desire to make a difference in their own lives, their communities and the world.

With Eleanor Roosevelt's life and legacy as a model, girls diverse in culture and geography bring their passion and leadership potential to life.

Girls experience interactive workshops, field trips to New York City, the United Nations and other significant sites, while building supportive relationships with inspiring mentors and peers.

The 9 Principles of the Girls' Leadership Worldwide Program
Give Participants the Building Blocks
to be Powerful Leaders

Build self-confidence and find one’s voice

Live life with purpose and passion

Unleash the power within and be a force for good

Explore and discuss contemporary social justice issues, challenges and solutions

Use leadership skills to make a difference for a cause by developing an Eleanor Roosevelt Ambassador Project

Learn and apply the skills necessary to become a principled and socially conscious leader in the style of Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn what it means to be a citizen of the world; gain an appreciation of the diversity of perceptions and perspectives that inform cultures around the world

Form strong relationships with girls and women from around the world in a supportive, judgment-free environment

Spend two days in New York City meeting and learning from accomplished women at career sites and the United Nations




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Why Eleanor?


My Experience at Girls Leadership Worldwide
By Marianna Cuomo Maier


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